~ the goals for June ~

01 June 2011

so, i’ve made some resolutions to make this month:

1. home-cooking on weekdays
our house rent got jacked up again. after looking through our expenses, it is clear that we need to reduce our eating out session if we want to save some money. and this means, i need to learn how to cook. you see, i really suck at cooking… my vocabulary of recipes is limited, making the lunch and dinner variation is rather boring.

so the challenge this month is to come up with easy cooking that ari and aina like everyday… well, almost everyday.

to give us a break, we’ll only do this home-cooking thing during weekdays. we will be allowed to eat out on weekends :)

and for daily photo of the cooking (this usually motivates me to stick with the goals), you can check out the cookcoo.tumblr.com.

2. daily run on weeknights
i’ve been enjoying a healthier and stronger me in the past year, since i started going to the gym. but, i just cancelled my gym membership last month because with ari start to work full time at the office and aina hasn’t gone to school yet, i just couldn’t find time to go to the gym.

i try to cycle instead of taking cabs or busses, to keep me moving. however, it’s not really enough, because i don’t go out everyday…

i’ve been doing some running on and off (for about 4-5km usually) in place of going to the gym, but i haven’t been consistent. so, the deal is to run every night during weekdays for at least 5km… and just like the cooking, i can take a break on weekends.

now, please wish me luck on these goals :)

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goodluck Thal …. :)

pimpi | 1 June 2011 - 04:49 | reply

hee, thank you, pim! :D

thalia | 2 June 2011 - 02:04 | reply