~ cycling to east coast park ~

17 May 2011

so, there are two family accomplishments achieved today:

  1. we finally reached East Coast Park by bike. yes, we rode Finch and Thyme to East Coast Park, yay!
  2. aina can pedal a bike forward!

accomplishment number 1

yes, it’s been our goal to be able to bike to the ECP. you know… bike to the east side :) it turns out to be a pleasant ride, too… it was a bit hot, but bearable.

holland village - east coast park cycling
took a break at the Robertson Quay, because aina got too hot

holland village - east coast park cycling
kallang riverside park. lovely.

holland village - east coast park cycling
the two guards at Katong Park, one indian, the other one is british (i think).

holland village - east coast park cycling
that awesome apartment next to nicole highway

there is a little detour from our plan, though. i thought we could cycle by the river through the Kallang Indoor Stadium, but there was a huge construction on the site, that we ended up cycling by Nicole Highway and Mountbatten road. quicker, but not as scenic.

and i have to admit, cycling in east coast park is very nice… despite being very crowded, the road is very smooth and the view is pretty.

we arrived at east coast park. yay!
we arrived at east coast park. yay!
we arrived at east coast park. yay!

we had our lunch at Brussel Sprouts, which was very delicious…

lunch at brussell sprouts
lunch at brussell sprouts

as a whole, the distance we travelled today is almost 40km, which is pretty far for us. honestly, right now my legs feel like spaghetti…

accomplishment number 2

aina has been wanting a new bike. she wants “a bike with pedals”… you know, she has her Tiger Fish (that’s what she calls her running bike… yes, she named it herself). but she thinks it’s time for her to learn to ride real bicycle. she even dreams about it.

we borrowed back naia’s green bike from Shinta & Ario, but it turned out that the chain got screwed up and kept falling off during the ride. we’ve been shopping for a new bike for aina, but we haven’t found any that we liked.

so, now that we’re in East Coast Park, we decided to rent a small bicycle and let aina ride around. thanks to the long stretch of road, aina got the hang of it pretty quickly.

at first, we put her on the footpath area:

bikey aina

but then she got quicker that we decided to ride along with her…

bikey aina
bikey aina
bikey aina

she rode for about 1.7km… not bad for her first day… so, i think we really need to find a real bike for her. she can’t wait to learn to ride without those training wheel :)

more photos? sure, they’re here :)

~ comment (4) ~

wow Aina is learing to ride a bike, a new milestone…

mimi | 18 May 2011 - 05:11 | reply

iya, dia udah ga sabar banget pengen belajar naik sepeda. mungkin karena sering jalan2 sambil dibonceng kayaknya…

thalia | 18 May 2011 - 11:13 | reply

wah hebat aina dah bisa spedaan. you guys are so cute together:)

novi | 18 May 2011 - 11:13 | reply

haha, baru bisa ngayuh doang, nov… moga2 ntar lagi bisa roda 2 beneran :D

thalia | 20 May 2011 - 02:52 | reply