~ night safari - the halloween version ~

20 October 2010
ari is the guest writer, and this is a part of the 3-park visit stories: the Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.
night safari

Thalia and Aina came by the office to pick me up from work and go to the Night Safari. We had a quick dinner at Maxwell Market before heading out to the Singapore Zoo by taxi. It was a pretty long drive from Chinatown and we were beginning to wonder if the taxi driver took the long way around the island to get to our destination. Although later that night, we found out that the route he took was in fact the shortest way.

We finally arrived at the Night Safari. A couple of weeks before Halloween, everything was decorated to resemble a haunted garden more than a safari. We deliberately went on a weekday, since on weekends, the employees actually dress up in Halloween costumes and try (quite pathetically) to scare the visitors. Among the various decorations at the main entrance, there was a 15-foot pumpkin-headed monster that stood up from a crouching position and moved a bit and laughed every once in a while.

the mechanical halloween decoration...
this is the static, crouching position…

the mechanical halloween decoration...
and periodically, it stands up and gives a maniacal laughter…

It was actually pretty cool, but definitely not aimed to amuse little kids. Needless to say, Aina was terrified at the sight and sound of the robot and gripped my hand real tight. She was actually a bit hesitant to go into the Safari area, but we explained to her that it was just a robot and it was there because of Halloween and the Night Safari is actually not scary at all.

night safari

We went in through the gates and took the tram. It was pretty enjoyable for all of us as we went past herbivores from the Himalayas, the Indian wild dogs, and the Asian rhinos. We saw hyenas along the way, but unfortunately the lions were pretty lethargic. All of them were laying around or sleeping.

Finally, we reached the Sloth Bear all the way at the end of the East Loop. We got off the tram, and after some discussion, we decided to take the tram back through the West Loop to the main gate again before we would venture on foot.

The West Loop felt a little longer and much more interesting. We say giraffes from afar, Indian Bisons, the Babirusa, and the tiger - sponsored by the Tiger Balm corporation. We saw the much anticipated tapirs, and as Aina squealed in delight, the Asian elephants came around the corner. It was pretty dark and even though we made several attempts to take pictures, almost all of them came out blurry.

night safari

From the main gate, we took the Fishing Cat Trail on foot. The mouse deer (kancil) and kijang were definitely the highlights for Aina.

night safari
the kancil, looking at the camera

night safarithe kijang. they’re pretty small, a little bit taller than the kancil.

After completing the trail, Aina told us that she was sleepy and so we headed back towards the main gate. Both Thalia and I think that she was actually still scared of the pumpkin monster and didn’t feel comfortable being in that area in general. So we went back home soon after, thinking that we probably would have had a more enjoyable time if it weren’t Halloween season at the Night Safari.

more photos in the night safari oct 2010 album.

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seru ya sebenarnya….tp kasian aina takut ya….

maudy pojoh kamarga | 17 November 2010 - 07:48 | reply

iya :( kapan2 mo kesitu lagi pas buka halloween. aina juga udah minta… kasian, waktunya aja salah.

thalia | 17 November 2010 - 11:22 | reply

I think Aina must be scared, as they were made to scare people, let alone kids.

mimi | 17 November 2010 - 05:03 | reply

yep, she was scared.

thalia | 17 November 2010 - 11:30 | reply