~ between the good and the bad ~

05 July 2010

bad: this morning, the almost 6 years old washing machine died. during the spin cycle, the drum spun out of control and made weird clank clank sound. then, poof… there is smoke coming out of the back of the machine and it went dead.

good: since last night, aina has been super excited that we are going to go swimming after lunch. she helped me packing for bathing suits and towel. she couldn’t wait to try her new swimming goggle. we went out for lunch and she carried her inflated floater everywhere, even in the restaurant. she finished her lunch as quickly as possible.

bad: when we got to the swimming complex, the gate was locked. WTH? it turned out that the swimming pool is being used for the Youth Olympics and will not be open until September. aina was so sad and her eyes were brimming with tears. she tried not to cry, though.

good: we took her to a nearby playground to cheer her up. and let her play with water and her small inflated pool once we got home. it did cheer her up.

bad: on the way to orchard to do washing machine shopping, EZ-Link card acted up… it refused to scan. i wonder why…

good: couldn’t decide on two washing machines with the same exact spec: an LG, which i trust, and a Samsung, which is $150 cheaper than the LG. then, the sales lady told us that the LG comes with 10 years warranty on the motor (which was busted on my current washing machine this morning)… along with extended 5 years warranty on everything. well then, LG it is… and then, more good things come: it turned out that they wrote the price tag wrong. it was supposed to be $30 cheaper. AND another typo on the sign: the $30 delivery charge on this particular machine is waived. woohoo!

so, the day ends well :)

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what a day! with so many ups and downs.

mimi | 6 July 2010 - 08:11 | reply

yep, it was pretty exhausting…. glad that it’s over :)

thalia | 9 July 2010 - 02:06 | reply