~ TUM and i on Femina ~

11 June 2010

oooh! The Urban Mama is on another magazine!! w00t!

after appearing in Time Out Jakarta last month, The Urban Mama is covered in Femina, one of the largest women magazines in Indonesia. it’s an article about me as one of the founders of The Urban Mama, came out on Femina May 2010 edition…


the article is, of course, written in Indonesian. but if you would like to read it, there is a larger version of the scan. i haven’t received the physical copy of the magazine, but thanks to iyay and ipeh, they sent me the scanned version of the article. thanks much, you two!

gosh, i’m so proud of The Urban Mama and super thankful that i got a change to be involved in it… so thank you, ninit & shinta… *gushing* … hopefully, it gets better and better over time. don’t you love labor-of-love projects? :)

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ur welcome mami Thal. Sukses terus ya TUMnya, seneng banget deh bisa join di forum ini. TUM Super Keren!!

ipeh | 11 June 2010 - 10:21 | reply

aw, thanks peh! seneng juga nih… semoga betah terus yaaaa!

thalia | 13 June 2010 - 03:22 | reply