~ the daily schedule ~

22 February 2010

sharing spaces

this is our daily schedule for the past few months. i just feel like recording it, because i’m sure it’ll change in the next few weeks.

  • 7AM - koda wakes me up by sniffing my face, asking me to wake ari up. while i go back to sleep, ari takes koda downstairs to do her business in the backyard. then the two of them go back to sleep.
  • 8:30AM - aina, carrying her snowy, walks to our room and glomps on me. i take her to the bathroom to pee and we both go back to my bed, where aina goes back to sleep between ari and i. koda moves out of the bed and lay on the corner of the room.
  • 9:30AM - aina wakes ari and i up, tell us she wants to go downstairs to watch Playhouse Disney. ari goes downstairs with her, because he can fall asleep on the sofa. i, on the other hand, am a light sleeper and aina’s voice keeps waking me up. before going back to sleep, ari makes aina her breakfast (a glass of milk and bread with nutella or cheese spread). koda keeps me company in the room.
  • 10:30AM - aina goes upstairs and wakes me up by screaming my name or jumping up and down on the bed. sometimes, she hasn’t finished her breakfast… bad aina. i go downstairs, spend 10 minutes watching TV with aina, and then turn on the laptop to work. koda stays asleep in our room.
  • 10:30AM-12PM - i work while occasionally play with aina. aina watches TV, play with her kitchen, work on her toy laptop, drawing/painitng on her working table or bugging the sleeping ari. by this time, koda has woken up and is downstairs.
  • 12PM-2PM - ari wakes up and make coffee for the both of us. we then either work, play with aina, or cook lunch. we usually have lunch by 2PM, either at home or lunch out.
  • 3PM - aina’s nap time. a little book reading and lullabye singing, then off she snooze. when workload is light, ari and i take our nap as well. but during busy times, it’s best for working.
  • 5-7PM - aina wakes up and is ready to snack and play — playing outside, bicycling, swimming, going to the playground, drawing on the pavement, stuff like that while eating some fruit, ice cream, or any kind of snacks. we take koda along, if the places permit. on Sundays, we either walk to cycle to the Botanic Gardens to have a picnic.
  • 7-9PM - cooking or getting ready for dinner, if we’re dining out. koda usually get a visit from her boyfriend, Diesel. the happiest time in her day.
  • 10PM - milk and shower time for aina. she takes a shower with either ari or i (the other works), then drinks her milk.
  • 10:30PM - bed time. she brushes her teeth with ari then time for bed with me. we both lay on aina’s bed, reading some books, singing the lullabye with lots of hugging. turn the lights off and i say bye. she usually asks whether i’m going to be working or going straight to bed… i usually work.
  • 11PM-4AM - time for work! sometimes, when the workload is light or during weekends, this is also the time when we could watch movies. koda is at her sweetest, curling either under our desk, right next to our feet when we’re working, or on the sofa between ari and i when we’re having a movie night.
  • 4AM - bed time for the parents and the dog. when the workload is light, sometimes we get to sleep around 3. we turn off the computer, the TV, then the lights. wake Koda up from underneath our working desk. then the three of us go upstairs. take off our contacts, do some wash, then go under the cover. koda then would climb up the bed and squeezes herself between ari and i. zzzz….

so far, the schedule feels good and works well for us…

~ comment (4) ~

Your schedule is a LOT like ours! Otto is a night owl/late riser too. But I sleep pretty much on his schedule. You guys are hardcore, staying up till 4am! We also like to put him to bed together. I don’t understand the cry-it-out school of thought … what’s more special than watching your child drift off to sleep?

Kim | 22 February 2010 - 01:31 | reply

aina started out as an early riser, but since both of her parents are not, she follows :P that staying up thing, we kinda have to, because we both work from home and when she’s awake, we don’t really have time to work (or not in a continuous flow). maybe it’ll change once she goes to school.

has otto started school yet?

thalia | 23 February 2010 - 12:27 | reply

whoa. so that’s how your daily routines goes.. i’ve been wondering a lot how you guys could manage between aina, koda while working at home (plus without helpers..) :P still the best time for working is in late nights when the kid is already sleeping, no? same here! :)

angki | 23 February 2010 - 01:09 | reply

so, we both are late night workers. that’s prolly why we meet at twitter at wee hours…

btw, i’m curious on YOUR daily schedule. sami is not around during weekends, right? how do you manage to do it all by yourself?

thalia | 23 February 2010 - 03:20 | reply