~ water play at jacob ballas ~

19 February 2010

children's garden

last week, ari and i both were so busy that we sort of neglect the kid and the dog. so, today, we took aina to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden to sorta let her do things that she likes to do. since we can’t bring dogs in to the children’s garden, koda’s turn will be tomorrow.

she came prepared, wearing her tankini and brought her towel. we went straight to the water park.

jacob ballas
jacob ballas

before aina turned 2, i remember how brave she was with water. she didn’t care if the water get into her face. she would jump up and down and even go under the water, holding her breath.

strangely, after her 2nd birthday, she’s a lot more hesitant with water. she doesn’t like it when water splashes on to her face, which makes playing in the pool or in water park less fun.

today, she’s a little better. she still grumbles when the small splashes hit her face. but she’s curious enough to try to drink from the water fountain. and she likes to get soak under the running water. so, generally, she had a lot of fun.

what i love about Jacob Ballas is that they have cute little toilet and bathroom sink. lately, i’ve been partial to places with mini toilets. aina always enjoys sitting on the tiny toilet and washing her hands on sinks that she can reach.

jacob ballas

oh, and they have a supercool tree house:

jacob ballas

anyways, we probably need to go to water park, pool and beach more often to get her used to playing with water again.

ps: pardon the picture quality… it was taken with phone camera, because we forgot to bring our real camera…

~ comment (2) ~

Aina must have enjoyed it. Good for you Aina.

mimi | 20 February 2010 - 03:53 | reply

ya, she did have fun :)

thalia | 21 February 2010 - 07:47 | reply