~ let’s go fishing! ~

22 January 2010

fishing fish

for the past few days, aina has been obsessed with fishing. everyday, she would ask me to sit in the boat (which is our couch) and give me one of her long ribbons. we both would let one end of the ribbon fall to the floor while holding the other. she told me that if i wind the ribbon the right way — she showed me how: hold the ribbon with one hand and make a circle-y movement with the other, like winding a fishing rod — i can catch a fish on the other side of the ribbon.

for over a week, we’ve been playing that fishing game. until today. i was busy with my work, so it was ari’s turn to keep an eye on aina. then, i start hearing them looking for paper, adhesive tape and stapler.

it turned out that they were making a fishing toy.

fishing fish

ari drew a few fish, aina colored them. then they both made a fishing rod out of chopsticks, left-over knitting yarn and two pieces of magnetic sheet. they cut the fish and staple them in a few places, so that the fish can stick to the magnet.

fishing fish

not long, they were busy playing pretend fishing on the floor. how fun!

if you want to read on the detail of the making, ari wrote an article for The Urban Mama, titled Gone Fishing, where he told the story about this whole fishing thing. take a peek :)

and there are more photos in the the making of fishing fish flickr album.