~ palawan beach + luge ~

01 January 2010

we spent the first day of 2010 in Sentosa… something that we would never do unless we have friends and family over. of course it was damn crowded. but it was fun nevertheless.

we took the monorail to the island. i have never seen the third level of Vivo City —where you board the monorail to Sentosa — as crowded as today… or maybe, we just never end up in Vivo City on crowded days like today. it was just filled with people!

first stop was the Imbiah Station. from here, we walked to the Luge entrance, taking pictures with the huge Merlion along the way. we also passed by the Kampong Toys exhibition, where there was this guy who’s really good at playing gasing (southeast asian version of top). i’m always impressed with people who can throw their gasing… mine always ends up up-side-down or even flies across the arena and landed somewhere else.

we then took the luge down, while the parents (ari’s mom+dad+aunt) took the bus down to the beach.

whoa, the luge was so much fun! we gotta try it again! i totally forgot to take pictures of us riding the luge, so this is all i got:


after that, we all walked to the beach to meet up with the parents for lunch. if she could choose, aina would skip the meeting and lunch and go straight to play with the sand and water.

palawan beach
palawan beach

she ate her lunch as fast as she could, then ran to the nearest body of water…

palawan beach
palawan beach
palawan beach

too bad the beach play had to stop early and rather abruptly when the thunderstorm came. the rain poured cats and dogs, everyone piled up in the changing room, trying to shower and clean up as fast as they could. by the time we showered and dressed up, the thunderstorm passed and the sun came out again.

that’s singapore’s weather.

more photos in the Luge + Palawan Beach 01.10 Flickr album.