~ forest walk + henderson wave ~

26 December 2009

after reading icha’s blog about going around Forest Walk a few months ago, i made up my mind that we have to go to the Southern Ridges trail before the summer starts… if you’ve been to Singapore, you know that being outside in the summer heat is close to unbearable here.

so, the day after Christmas was a perfect day to go. the sky was covered in cloud, even drizzling once in a while. we brought umbrellas for each of us, a stroller with the rain gear for aina.

the Southern Ridges has pretty long walking trail, but we decided to start from Alexandra Arch, which is a bridge across Alexandra Rd, and walk towards the Forest Walk.

alexandra arch
alexandra arch

the Forest Walk was awesome… we basically walk on a super long elevated walkway made out of metal bridge, so it feels like we are walking on the tip of trees. very cool, indeed. and there is a no-stairs path (well, you can take the stairs if you choose), which makes it so easy for us with strollers.

the air was fresh. and i think, the drizzles made it even nicer. the view was rather spectacular, because the further we walked, the higher we were. at one point, we could see the sea behind the trees.

forest walk forest walk
forest walk forest walk

once we finished the Forest Walk, we bumped into a public gym, where aina couldn’t help but trying every single equipment, despite she’s waaaaay too small to use it.

public gym

but that’s okay… it bought us time to sit and rest our feet before going to walking to the famous Henderson Wave.

Henderson Wave is a pedestrian bridge with interesting (or beautiful) architectural details, floating 36 meters on top Henderson Road. the main reason why i wanted to go for this walk is to see this bridge… and really, it was beautiful… the pictures can’t do justice. and i think, it was even better because the weather was cool. i can imagine how hot it would get up there during sunny day…

henderson wave

aina loved it there. she just kept running around, sliding and climbing on things… it was like a huge playground for her.

henderson wave
henderson wave

for us, we took time to relax and rest. we could easily fall asleep there (again, given the cool weather).

henderson wave

more photos in the Forest Walk + Henderson Wave Flickr album.

~ comment (2) ~

Awesome: the bridge, the trees, the walk itself!
I enjoy the photo of Aina’s running on the bridge, run Aina run :-)

Lisa | 23 January 2010 - 05:21 | reply

thank you, lisa! it was awesome, indeed. didn’t know there’s such place in singapore. i totally recommend this place :)

thalia | 23 January 2010 - 02:19 | reply