~ cycling around tanglin village ~

10 October 2009

cycling around Dempsey
cycling around Dempsey

after washing her toy fruit, aina took shower and we all are off on our bicycles to get lunch at the Dempsey complex. as usual, aina fell asleep on the way there. today was a great day to cycle because the rain has just finished, leaving the weather cool and breezy.

cycling around Dempsey

once again, we had lunch at Dome. aina was still in her just-woke-up mood (read: huggable but easily ticked off). the lunch was just okay. i think we need to find a better lunch place in the Dempsey complex.

after lunch, we cycled further to see what’s in the Minden clusters. since the other clusters are not as crowded as the Dempsey’s, there are many grassy areas around. aina kept asking if we are going to have a picnic. well, we didn’t plan to have a picnic and didn’t bring any picnic rug, etc. so, we just stop by one of the green stretch on the side of the street and let aina ran around briefly.

cycling around dempsey
cycling around Dempsey

when we decided to go home, the sky has cleared up and the sun has come out. slowly, the weather getting hot. when i got home, i was all red. i think i need to buy one of those wide-brim sun hats.

cycling around Dempsey

by the way, there are more photos in the Tanglin Village 10.09 photo album.

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udah pernah kesini belum Thal :

baju-baju anak perempuannya lucu-lucu deh… :-)

pimpi | 12 October 2009 - 04:14 | reply

oh udah. lewat flickr, sih :) thanks ya, pim.

thalia | 12 October 2009 - 05:49 | reply