~ rained on at Dempsey ~

16 September 2009

dempsey road

it was my first time going to tanglin village, and we got rained on and stuck there. instead of taking a cab, we decided to ride on bikes to the village. i even made sure to check on the weather report to make sure we get clear sky… i guess, either i read it wrong or the website i went to for singapore weather report is not doing their job…

anyways, aina got to see some parrots hanging out. she was excited and hoped that she could touch them. of course she couldn’t.

colorful parrots

then, after cycling around, we stopped by Ben&Jerry to get some ice cream. and this is where we got stuck. we were sitting there, eating ice cream and watching the sky lit up with lightning. thunder roared. aina got nervous.

dempsey road

then, a few seconds before we finished the ice cream, the drizzle started. so we hang around for another hour, waiting for the rain to stop. aina was super bored and repeatedly asking to go home. i sorta wished that the rain started earlier, so aina could be consoled by the ice cream.

dempsey road

despite all that, the place was lovely and rustic. the buildings were converted military barracks. check out that pretty ceiling! and they have the same hanging lamp as the one we have in our dining room! the interior of each shops and restaurants are even cooler, but my cellphone camera couldn’t take good pictures of it… oh well.

~ comment (4) ~

I never heard about the place before, TFS. The house style is like a colonial one, am I right ? I checked out the village website and am a bit disappointed to learn that the place was converted into some kind of art shops and cafés ? Too bad. But hey, it’s singapore, the heaven for shoppers.

Lisa | 17 September 2009 - 01:56 | reply

yes, it’s been around since the colonial time, hence the architecture. it was also used for military purposes, but rumor says that the area is haunted :P

and yes, it’s converted into cafes, posh dining, furniture and wine shops (mostly local style), yoga and spa places. it’s actually a rather nice place to hang out, because the whole area is in the middle of woods. and it’s very close to our house :)

oh, by the way, why are you disappointed?

thalia | 17 September 2009 - 02:25 | reply

I would rather see it as a museum for example instead of for commercial purpose

Lisa | 21 September 2009 - 07:39 | reply

ah, i see.

thalia | 23 September 2009 - 01:03 | reply