~ aina’s first bicycle ~

09 September 2009

check it out! aina got a bike!

aina's first bicycle

while shopping for ari’s bike brakes, we ended up buying a child’s bike for aina. ever since we got negi, aina has been showing interests in tricycles and bicycles (actually, that was one of the reasons why we got bicycles in the first place: to get aina interested in bikes). whenever she sees one — in supermarkets, bicycle stores toy stores, and playgrounds — she’ll try to ride on it. we didn’t really want to get her a tricycle, because we feel that lifespans of tricycles on toddlers are rather short. and good tricycles, like this Radio Flyer trikes’s that i’ve been drooling over forever, are expensive!

another toddler bike that i’ve been drooling over is one of those balance bikes, like Skuut and Wooden bikes. aren’t they cute? the price starts around S$100 - 400… kinda expensive. and it make it worse, i haven’t been able to find stores in singapore that sell this kind of bike for less than S$300… waaay above our budget.

so we scratched the trikes and balance bikes out of the list and skipped over to the regular bicycle. with training wheels, of course. her legs are finally long enough to touch the pedals all the way on the smallest bike on the market.

aina's first bicycle

but, i guess, regular bicycles have steeper learning curve. as you can see from the photo above, she’s trying really hard, but the bike doesn’t go anywhere… oh well, i guess it will take a few days (or weeks?) until she can grab the concept of pedal turning and steering… and do both at the same time. we’ll deal with braking later.

~ comment (2) ~

she’ll get there… :) now it is really THE WHOLE family can go pedaling… tinggal Koda deh… lari2… hihihi!

cynthia | 10 September 2009 - 12:47 | reply

kalo ada sepeda anjing dijual di singapur, kali kita bakal consider beliin untuk koda… :-P

thalia | 10 September 2009 - 02:34 | reply