~ riding with koda ~

03 September 2009

riding with koda

i’m very happy to announce that, currently, koda’s favorite activity is running along side of our bike. she gets very excited whenever we unlock the bikes. a while ago, when we just started cycling, koda wasn’t into it as much. she often stopped and sulked — between heavy breathing and panting — trying to tell us that we were too fast for her. but now, she’s gotten used to it and can keep up with us. i’d say, it’s a good exercise for her :)

~ comment (2) ~

Koda… kamu pasti bisa! :) sekarang lari2 nya disamping sepedanya Aina aja… ;)

cynthia | 10 September 2009 - 12:51 | reply

hahahaha…. nah, itu pasti bisa… apa lagi, sekarang aina masih blum bisa bikin sepedanya bergerak.

thalia | 10 September 2009 - 02:27 | reply