~ flower + old dress ~

29 August 2009

two gerberas

my gerbera plant is happy and keep blooming. it’s one of the few flower plants in the house that survive my black thumb. now, i’m thinking of buying another pot or two of gerberas… they seem to like me.

in another news, ever since aina watched the Miss Universe show, she’s been wanting to be a princess and wear long dresses. unfortunately, she has zero long dress. so, she’s been wearing her towel wrapped around her waist and pretend it’s a long skirt.

today, though, i actually found an old dress that i used to wear when i was her age. either my mom or my grandma sow it for me. it was one of my favorite dresses because the fabric is cool and comfortable to wear. it’s not that long, but it’s longer than aina’s usual dress. she fell in love with it immediately.

long dress

too bad that it’s so old (34 years old?), that the fabric has started to decay and fall apart. i found a few faint holes here and there. i’m thinking of replicating the dress, but i think my sewing ability is still below par…

oh by the way, ari’s parents just arrived today. and they brought ari’s super old yellow bike! we haven’t finished putting it together, but expect photos of it tomorrow :)

~ comment (2) ~

hihihi! lucu amat sih anak loe… very girly yaa? ini kayak imajinasi berjuta2 anak perempuan lainnya… penari ballet, miss2an, princess and long dress…. jadi inget masa kecil gue… sampe akhirnya terkontaminasi metallica :) hihihi

cynthia | 1 September 2009 - 12:16 | reply

don’t forget the color pink! barbie banget deh pokoknya! LOL @ metallica….

thalia | 1 September 2009 - 11:25 | reply