~ biking at the east coast park ~

16 August 2009

biking with daddy

out of the blue, i had a sudden urge to go to East Coast Park and bike along the coast. it’s pretty far from our home — we’re located on the west part of the island and the park is on the eastern shore — so we couldn’t really take our bike there. but that’s okay… there are plenty of bike rental in the area.

so, we got to the park late afternoon, trying to avoid the piercing afternoon sun. the weather on the west was cloudy, but fortunately, the east was rather sunny.

as soon as we got to the park, aina immediately ran to the playground and immerse herself in the crowd. the playground was totally packed, but she didn’t care. she even managed to ran and collided with another girl… i’m not really sure how hard the collision was, but aina laughed and the other girl cried.

after aina was done with the playground, we rented two bikes, one for me and one for ari… East Coast Park is always crowded during weekends, so by the time we got there, the only bike with child seat available was this huge old bike with front child seat. well, that’s too big for me. so, ari gets to ride with aina. i got a red mountain bike for myself :)

safety first! helmet on! biking with daddy

the park didn’t change much. the last time i went biking there was probably around 3-4 years ago. it just… got more crowded. the only difference was the wake-boarding lake was just a lake back then.

we took a biking break near the lake while munching on the barbeque satay and sips of fresh coconut drink from the kopitiam nearby. aina didn’t like either. i guess the coconut was a bit too ripe for our taste. despite aina’s opinion, i think the satay was good!

dinner @ kebab station
dinner @ kebab station

after we returned our bike, we had dinner at our favorite kebab place in the whole singapore: Kebab Station.

we used to go there pretty often when ari still live in Geylang. i was rather surprised that they’re still in business… but it seems like they’re doing well, because now they have another outlet at the Parkway Parade Mall.

hmm, i hope someday they open a branch somewhere in the west, so we don’t have to go all the way to Parkway Parade and beyond to get some of their kebab.

anyways, there are more photos in the biking at the east coast park photo album at Flickr.