~ watching UP ~

11 August 2009


after what feels like a long wait, today we went to see UP in the theater. oh, what a wonderful movie… (that includes the Partly Cloudy short at the beginning of the show). it really makes me feel warm and fuzzy… so sweet and romantic.

this time, we brought aina along to the movie theater. yes, this is her first time to watch a movie in the theater! what a milestone! since her height is slightly below 90cm, aina can go in for free. she just has to sit on my lap the whole time.

she loves Ratatouille, so we thought a Pixar movie would be a good choice. still, i was kinda nervous that she would get bored and whine during the entire movie. and we had to leave the theater early.

but, surprise, suprise! she actually stayed and watched the whole movie, starting with the advertisements and previews, all the way to the end of the movie credit! she seems to enjoy the whole experience: she was cracking up along with us at the sight of russell being tossed around. she laid on my chest with her hands grabbing popcorn in the popcorn bag during the calm and relaxing part, and sat up-right during the intense moments. the funny thing is that she shoved the popcorn into her mouth much faster during intense scenes… i guess that happens to kids, too, eh?

there are times when she was scared, mostly of the loud sound (during the thunder in the Partly Cloudy movie). she would slowly move back and ask for a hug. i thought it was cute…

she did ask to go home once, though. it was during the sad scene where russell got angry at carl. she was sad and was uncomfortable watching the movie. good thing that she recovered and her eyes were glued back to the screen.

honestly, UP is the best movie for aina. it has balloons, little kid and dogs. no wonder she would stay all the way to the end :)

so, does this mean we can start watching movies in the theater regularly? well, probably not. kids movies maybe yes, but G.I. Joe may have to wait until it goes to DVD…

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oh i can’t wait to take siu momo to the movies! but she is quite easily scared of big noises.

joanna | 12 August 2009 - 11:41 | reply

ooh, aina is scared of loud noises, too… but she sat on my lap, so whenever she gets scared, she can bury her head on my chest. and if you do take siu momo to the movie, don’t watch the commercials and previews. some of them are not kids friendly and some are loud and scary. just wait until the movie starts then, bring her in.

snacks is also good :)

thalia | 12 August 2009 - 12:02 | reply

awwhh.. good girl, aina!

so cute to read her first experience in the movie theater. i can’t wait until i can take naia in one too.

sLesTa | 12 August 2009 - 01:53 | reply

eh, mungkin naia udah bisa lho… kalo suka nonton tv atau dvd di rumah, kayaknya sebenernya udah bisa deh. we thought that aina wasn’t ready, so we kept delaying. turned out that she totally enjoyed it.

thalia | 12 August 2009 - 09:00 | reply

iya sih thal.. sempet kepikiran juga, soalnya naia can enjoy a whole dvd and sit quietly on her chair. mungkin tunggu 1-2 bulan lagi deh, sampe dia bisa dikasih tau. soalnya sekarang udah mulai showing off her temper dan susah dikasih tau kalo udah marah2.

sLesTa | 13 August 2009 - 11:18 | reply