~ pooh in the window ~

02 August 2009

last week, when we went to IMM to eat bakmie and bike-hunt, i promised aina that she can play at the IMM playground, one of her favorite. she chomped her bakmie real fast so that we can go to the playground as soon as possible.

unfortunately, the door to the playground was locked and there is a flyer attached to it, saying that the outdoor area is closed due to a private event. you can imagine how disappointed the little girl was… at the beginning, she insisted that the door wasn’t locked and tried to pry it apart. didn’t work. she then started to look really sad, trying to hold back her tears.

i feel really bad for not able to deliver my promise. thank god for the Arts and Craft Corners for Kids nearby. and it’s a good thing that Aina likes to draw and craft.

so, after careful consideration, she chose the Winnie the Pooh template. i sorta wished that she chose a more colorful ones, but oh well. she loves Pooh. aina gave the template to the attendance lady, who prepared it so that we can start drawing.

making the pooh

making the pooh

we then sat on one of the work table and started filling up the empty space with the paint. the attendance taught her how to fill in using the nozzled container and spread the paint using toothpick. she seemed to have fun, even though she can’t quite grasp the idea yet.

so, with a lot of help from mom (who’s basically doing all the filling), aina finished her first window sticker. the attendant baked the final result and gave it to a very happy and proud aina.

pooh in the window

now the Pooh sits on her room’s window, upon her request. although occasionally, she takes him down to play with him.