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01 May 2009

building a swing

other than a box of chalk, yesterday we also got ourselves a new IKEA swing. we’ve been wanting to get it since late last year, but it was out of stock for the longest time…

we all excited to get it up there, including koda (although i don’t know what the dog was excited about… she can’t ride the swing). so, before the weather gets too hot, we did the installation early in the morning.

building a swing building a swing building a swing building a swing

since the beam on our driveway is too skinny for IKEA’s hanging unit, we had to improvise by using chains instead. the thing about chain is that sometimes when you ride the swing high enough, the chain makes clicking sound on each sways. it’s rather annoying. well, we probably have to deal with that clicking sound later when aina is brave (and coordinated) enough to swing that high….

building a swing building a swing

we fit the swing for aina’s size, so it’s really low and close to the ground. ari and i can still ride it, as long as we lift our legs high enough.

unfortunately, aina is still rather nervous with the new swing. she was curious and tried it several times, but she had a bit of problem in balancing herself so that the seat stays perpendicular to the string. i guess it will take a lot of practice… this swing is definitely a more advanced version of the mall swing and the beach swing.

~ comment (2) ~

Hi Thalia,
Still remember me? Yin, willson’s wife ;)
ahh.. jadi ayunannya baru yah? terus pasang sendiri lagi… hebat… :) laen kali kalo Rachel maen kesana lagi bole pinjem maen yah… hug & kisses for cute Aina ;)

Yin | 10 May 2009 - 12:47 | reply

hi Yin! inget doooong! waktu kesini, ayunannya belum terpasang ya? silakan main ayunan, Rachel… tapi ati2 jatoh, soalnya aina baruuuu aja jatoh hari ini :P

kapan2 ketemuan lagi yuk, di luar bisnis suami2 :)

thalia | 10 May 2009 - 01:47 | reply