~ nasi tim + another winter hat (wip) ~

29 April 2009

nasi tim
nasi tim ayam

woohoo, i made a good Nasi Tim Ayam today! oh, i’m so proud of myself… it actually tasted like the way we wanted to taste. i think it’s going to be family’s favorite for a while, thanks to the recipe at the masakmasak.blogspot.com: so easy to do, yet very yummy and comforting to eat.

on a totally different note, i’ve started another winter hat for aina. this time, it has ear-flaps. i’m kinda making the pattern up, so i’m not sure if it will turn out okay. i was going to do double-knit hat to make it warmer… but after watching three different videos on “how to double-knit” and still didn’t get where the yarn supposed to go for increases, i gave up and do normal knit. maybe i’ll learn double-knit later, on projects that doesn’t need increase and decrease…

i also uses two yarns at once. i like the fluffy/furry blue yarn, but i thought it won’t be warm enough, so i added another cashmere-based yarn. if it’s successful, i’ll probably add some pompoms on it.

~ comment (2) ~

Good try, It looks so yummy, Ari and Aina must like it. About the hat too, Aina must be proud of you.

mimi | 30 April 2009 - 11:07 | reply

yeah, it turned out better than i expected. hopefully it’s not some kind of beginner’s luck :)

thalia | 2 May 2009 - 03:11 | reply