~ running + jumping koda ~

28 January 2009


a few weeks ago, our neighbor — who has a boxer pup — told us that there is a fenced space behind the holland village car park where we can unleash our dogs and let it run around freely. we’ve been going there almost everyday. the area isn’t that big, probably a bit bigger than a tennis court. But considering there is no other space within walking distance where we can unleash koda, this is great!


koda, of course, loves the space. i think it has become koda’s second favorite spot (the number one is still the botanic gardens).


strangely, aina loves it too. right next to the fenced space, there is a small playground for kids. but whenever we go there, aina seems to prefer the fenced area to run around with koda. i guess, watching koda catching a ball and runs like a rocket is amusing for aina… something that she doesn’t see often from the lazy koda.

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ha, its like that time you guys were in the PI and aina was so happy running around in the parking lot.

maomau | 29 January 2009 - 09:15 | reply

hahahaha…. true, true! good thing that we didn’t have to take koda all the way to PI to realize that :P

thalia | 31 January 2009 - 11:35 | reply

wuiiihh…keren banget fotonya!! koda hepi bngt!!

inge | 30 January 2009 - 11:52 | reply

iya, seneng banget, bisa lari2 semaunya dia :D

thalia | 31 January 2009 - 11:35 | reply

I’m still in love with your scarf from June 22nd 2006. Do you still have the pattern? And would you mind sending it to me?
thanks and all the best wishes to you and your family

Barbara | 3 February 2009 - 03:59 | reply

sorry, barbara. but i don’t have it anymore. the file is on my old laptop and it’s dead.

thalia | 6 February 2009 - 01:44 | reply