~ original sin ~

12 January 2009


even though they’re located only a couple of steps away, we haven’t been to Original Sin for about a year. last night, out on a whim, we decided to go there with aina. it was aina’s second time. the first time, she was too young to try any food and just sat on the baby chair, eating her bottled baby food.

this time, she had falafel balls:


it was a little hard on her, but she was very into it. we think she might’ve thought those falafel balls as cookies. and she likes the dipping action, too.

i had bosco misto:


and ari had moussaka:


we also had Bruschetta Pommodoro for appetizer… as usual, aina loooved the tomatoes. strangely, though, aina didn’t like any of our meal… maybe she ha too much fun with the falafel, or maybe she doesn’t like vegetarian food (is that possible? naah…).

~ comment (2) ~

looks yummy, thal! i can’t wait till naia can eat grown-up food. that way i don’t have to pack her homemade food before we go and we can start travelling again ..

sLesTa | 13 January 2009 - 05:50 | reply

yeah, it’s much easier after they can eat grown up food. have you tried food grinder? i’ve never tried it, but some people love it.

thalia | 15 January 2009 - 12:11 | reply