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26 November 2008


the little girl is getting bigger and bigger each day. she acts more and more like a big kid. for example, a few days ago, we taught her to say “no” to koda. koda likes to lick aina excessively, which we think is her way of showing affection to aina. but aina will get annoyed and would slap the dog in the face, instead. so, we told aina that she doesn’t need to slap. all she has to do is say “no” to koda to stop the licking. and what happens is aina still slaps the dog and she says “no” to everything we say… just like the big kids.

and just like the big kids (or big people), aina has been having insomnia. she used to sleep through the night since she was a baby, straight from 8pm to 7am, all by herself, in her own room… we used to be so proud of it.

now, though, it takes forever to get her to bed. she would say “no no no no”, as many times as she needs to convince us that she really doesn’t need to sleep at night. so her mommy and daddy had to counter-convince her that she’s actually sleepy (see, you keep bumping to things, falling over things and yawning over and over again, baby). and if we could send her to bed, it would take at least an hour for her to fall asleep, which during that whole time, we have to stay in her room keeping her company. and even then, she would wake up many times throughout the night.

strangely, she’s very good on her day naps, which is always the opposite of her night sleep. before, it was hell to get her to go for her morning and afternoon naps. lots of crying aina and out-of-patience mom and dad. but now, she would tell us that she wants to go to sleep. she then leads us up the stairs, and climbs her bed and lays herself down. then she falls asleep in less than 10 minutes.

maybe that’s also a big kids thing?

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When a baby becomes a child, usually she needs only one day nap, instead of two as she used to do.

mimi | 27 November 2008 - 10:31 | reply

yeah, we’re currently phasing out the afternoon nap, because she seems to prefer the morning nap.

thalia | 28 November 2008 - 09:38 | reply