~ totoro and idea book ~

16 November 2008

totoro 002

last night was aina’s first time watching the Ghibli’s movie: My Neighbor Totoro. she squealed, laughed, worried, got scared, and showed many more emotions in between. in the end, she couldn’t’ finish the movie. about 2/3rd of the movie, she became too emotional and excited… she was laughing and two seconds later, she cried in terror. it was weird.

but she loved the Makkuro Kurosuke, which she had the stuffed toy, and the small, white totoro. the giant totoro kinda scared her a little. she kept saying gigi (which means teeth) every time she saw it.

in another news, i finally got a copy of Design Meltdown book, The Web Designer’s Idea Book, yesterday afternoon.

design meltdown book

it features the Plushie Corner site, which — ehm — has been updated for a while. oops.

design meltdown book