~ new shoes for big feet ~

27 October 2008

it turns out that baby shoes can’t really take too much abuse. currently, out of piles and piles of baby shoes we have, aina only has two pairs of shoes that actually fits her:

old pink and white shoes

the pink and white pair was one of the oldest pair she had. she started to wear them even before she could walk. so, i have to say that this pair is quite sturdy… but judging from how they look now, i guess it’s time for the them to retire. the heel of both shoes are worn out and about to meet the inside of the shoes.

broken red MJ

the red mary janes were rather new. we got them less than two months ago — early September, i think — and the sole of both shoes are about to come off. this pair certainly needs to be more sturdy.

anyways, aina basically had no shoes to wear. so we went baby shoes shopping and got her a pair of strappy shoes with hard soles… this is her first hard-sole shoes… and her first strappy shoes, too, which will be perfect for Singapore’s weather.

new shoes

it’s always interesting to go shoe-shopping for aina. she has such a small frame for a sixteen-month old toddler, that some of the nine-month old baby clothing can still fit her. but with shoes, it goes the other way around… aina has looong (but skinny) feet. we have been buying shoes a two-year old kids since aina turned 1 year old. and this has been our little (or big, with pun intended) problem since she was just born. many of the little booties we got as gifts were too small for her, even though she was only 5 days old.

this whole big feet thing reminds me on how koda’s ears grow faster than the rest of her body when she was little.

~ comment (2) ~

nah sama Thal! Naila juga relatif kecil lah badannya, walaupun ga kecil banget juga. tapi kakinya doooong… gede!!

yanti | 30 October 2008 - 04:10 | reply

haha, ternyata Naila juga sama ya? langsing bertelapak kaki panjang! iya nih, aina jadi kayak goofy kakinya… hihihi.

thalia | 31 October 2008 - 05:20 | reply