~ tooth story ~

17 October 2008

pretty flower to balance the ugly tooth picture below

a few days ago, ari had tooth ache. he went to the dentist nearby and had to have his last wisdom tooth taken out. his other three has been taken out years and years ago before they erupted out of the gum. this last one ended up far on the back of his mouth that it can’t be reached by toothbrush. it’s inevitable that the tooth will rot. the dentist decided that taking it out would be the best option…

so he had it taken out today and, boy, it looks so bad…


the crown is all black and there is a huge hole in the middle of it. it’s amazing that ari didn’t feel the pain much earlier… i’m also amused with the size of the root on that tooth… wisdom tooth has very fat root, eh?

anyways, this morning, my left bottom molar starts to hurt… so, it looks like i have to make an appointment to see the same dentist. dammit, what’s wrong with us and our teeth lately?

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Actually,according to the dentist, we have to have our teeth checked at least once a year, but not many people do that.

mimi | 18 October 2008 - 06:53 | reply