~ yummy lunch ~

29 September 2008


oooh, what a heavenly lunch i had today. we went to nearby Sushi Tei. while ari had his chasu ramen and aina had her tama-unagi, i ordered Nokke-zushi. it’s basically a kappa-maki roll (cucumber sushi), topped with negitoro (minced tuna belly with scallion), ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin roe) and raw scallops. it was sooooo good.

look at that fresh uni and scallops!


and the negitoro and ikura:


~ comment (2) ~

haaa… :) my daughter loveeeee ikura… i believe she could have ikura everyday, if there is any chance…

cynthia | 30 September 2008 - 07:25 | reply

we found out that day that aina loved it too! she kept asking for the “ball” over and over again, we had to make a deal with her: one “ball” for each spoonful of the ramen that goes into her mouth :D

thalia | 30 September 2008 - 09:31 | reply