~ at the botanic gardens ~

14 September 2008

relaxing on the park

it’s been a looooong time since we walked to the Singapore Botanic Gardens with aina and koda. it’s about 3km walk from home, and lately, Singapore has been either too hot and sunny or too wet and rainy. today, though, was a perfect morning. it was cloudy, but the sky wasn’t dark grey, meaning it was less likely to rain.


so we went. everyone was so happy… until we saw that Cafe Les Amis was closed. oh no! it was the only cafe or restaurant that allows dog in with us. the Cafe was closed for renovation and instead, there was a small stall that serves bread and danish stuff with coffee or tea. so, instead of a big breakfast with eggs, sausages, toasts etc., aina only had a muffin. unfortunately, she didn’t like it… so, after i finished my croissant and ari finished his pear pie, we left the tiny cafe and went for picnic instead.

the ground was still a little wet, but no longer muddy, so it was good. we let both, the baby and the dog, run around in the park.

chasing papa and koda!

it turns out that koda is not so good with running. or breaking, to be exact. as i said, it’s been a long time since she had such huge stretch of grass that she could ran around, i think she has forgotten how to run and stop. the first time she ran (as fast as she could) to me, she went past me, then tumbled twice and finally stopped sliding on her back. the second time she ran (towards ari, this time), she pass by him, tried to stop but once again fell down, rolled once and again stopped sliding on her side. i think, even by the time she went back on leash, she still can’t stop from her full-force run.

aina, on the other hand, is getting better at running, even on hills. she only fell once, and got back up quickly and continued running. all she did was following other boy toddlers around… tsk tsk tsk…

koda is tired    can i try drinking from this bottle?

we left the Gardens around 11am, after finishing curry puffs bought at the kopitiam near the Tanglin Gate. halfway to our place, the sun started to shine, and boy, it was hot… good thing that we left the Gardens by then.

~ comment (2) ~

Aina is looking so cute and grown up!

Kim | 15 September 2008 - 12:33 | reply

thank you, Kim! these kids… they grow out the baby phase and become a little person so quickly! and they run, too!

thalia | 15 September 2008 - 12:07 | reply