~ aina’s new sling bag - WIP ~

11 September 2008

out of the blue, this morning i wanted to make a sling bag for aina. it’s probably from browsing etsy and seeing such cute stuff for babies and toddlers. so, while she was sleeping during her morning nap, i started mix-n-matching fabric, figuring out the pattern, etc. so, it ended up looking like this:

aina's new sling bag, WIP    aina's new sling bag, WIP

the bag is tiny… it only falls to aina’s upper thigh, and it doesn’t fit much in it. i was planning to make it reversible, but i screwed up the fastening of the strap. oh well.

i still need to add the flap and a button to secure the flap. unfortunately, i can’t find buttons that i like. so i probably need to go button shopping before finishing it up.

aina loved it the way it is, though. she kept wearing it and putting stuff in it. i’ll probably take a picture of her wearing the bag after she wakes up from her afternoon nap.