~ swimming at sentosa ~

06 September 2008

ever since aina received five new bathing suit from cia, we’ve been wanting to take her swimming (wearing her new suit, of course). we finally got to go to Sentosa beach this morning, yay! they seem to be fixing the Palawan beach, judging from how dirty the sand was and tons of sandbags laying around the beach. but that’s okay, aina didn’t really care about that anyway.

walking on the beach

after walking around the beach and getting her feet used to with the sand, she literally pulled us into the water. for a while, she couldn’t stop playing splish splash.

splish splash!   splish splash!

once she had her floaters on, then she started swimming for real… she’s getting really good with those floaters on. this is her second time wearing it and it seems that she has full control of it.

water baby

she can swing her body back and forth, and even tried to paddle with her hands if she wanted to move.

she's really good with floaters by now

it took us a while to get her out of the water. she kept walking back, even after we toweled her dry. we let her ran around the area for a little bit and drinking juice (and spilling it, even). before leaving, we had lunch at the nearby kopitiam. and on the way to the taxi stand, aina fell asleep. swimming always left her exhausted.

~ comment (2) ~

waduh aina kecil aja udah jago berenang, gimana gedenya kalah deh aku yg gak bisa berenang hmmm jadi malu :)

fenny | 9 September 2008 - 09:13 | reply

haha, blajar berenang dong. barengan aja ama aina :P

thalia | 11 September 2008 - 01:14 | reply