~ koda and aina ~

10 February 2008
koda and aina

koda and aina seem to get along very well lately. now that aina can crawl here and there, they love to chase each other. it’s either koda being chased by aina because the baby wants to grab and pull on the dog’s fur… or koda keeps nudging aina’s butt while she’s crawling, teasing her around until the dog gets slapped on the nose by the baby.

they also share toys… we haven’t been able to take pictures of them sharing toys, but it goes like this:

aina chews on her toy while sitting next to koda. then she offers her toy to the dog. the dog licks the toy. aina takes the toy back and put it into her mouth again… the cycle repeats until one of the parents sees it and panics because now it seems to be a moot point to sterilize aina’s toys and bottles if she decided to chew on the same toy as the dog.

they also greet each other in the morning. every morning, aina squeals with big smile on her face and claps her hand whenever koda first enters the room. the dog comes in and lick the baby’s feet and leg. it’s so cute to see them getting along.

~ comment (2) ~

fotonya bagus thal… :)
aina lucu banget… as always.

ninit | 11 February 2008 - 07:26 | reply

thank you, nit… sebenernya sih, foto2nya rada burem. cuma karena size-nya dikecilin, jadi ga gitu ketara :)

thalia | 12 February 2008 - 05:46 | reply