~ new crib ~

23 January 2008
new crib

since aina has started to pull herself up to stand, we decided to move her current crib downstairs. her rattan crib, once we move the mosquito net frame and the mattress, is actually a playpen… a rather large playpen. this way, aina can pull herself up on the crib fence instead of grabbing boxes, tables, cabinet or parents around her. and since she’s also been able to do tiny crawl here and there, the crib will contain her in one place.

so, yesterday, we bought a new crib from IKEA. this one is smaller than aina’s current crib and much lower. it makes it easier for me to reach down to get the baby from inside the crib. the rattan crib is so high that i have hard time reaching down to get aina out. we can also take out one of the side and form a small bed (very small and short), which we will do once aina is big and strong enough to get out of her bed by herself.

new crib

well, it turns out that putting a baby to sleep in a new bed is not as easy as we thought. aina usually goes to bed at 8PM, sleep through the night to wake up around 7 in the morning. if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she usually just lets a small whimper out and goes back to sleep.

last night, however, she woke up at midnight and started to scream on the top of her lung. and it continues for the next three hours… she just refused to sleep. unlike 6 months ago, we’re no longer used to having our sleep interrupted. koda was stressed out. and we feel really bad at the neighbors…

today, she took naps two hours longer than the usual. hopefully, she has gotten used to her new crib by tonight.

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Aina is so gosh darn cute!!!

Icha | 24 January 2008 - 08:52 | reply