~ sleeping in her room ~

11 January 2008

aina has started sleeping in her own room by herself. yesterday, ari took the crib apart, moved it from our room to aina’s room, reconstructed it again, this time with the mattress height on its low. as soon as we put aina in, she pulled herself up to standing up position by holding on to the crib’s fence. i didn’t know that my baby has been able to stand up by herself…

sleeping on mom's chest
round sleepy head

i frantically looked for our camera and video cam, but by the time i found those two items, aina has decided that she would like to remain sitting. oh well. maybe next time.

anyways, regarding the sleeping alone, aina seems to be okay with it. she sleeps through the night, with occasional light waking (she can put herself back to sleep from those). she cries a lot before falling asleep, but she does that in our room anyway.

i, on the other hand, miss her… i had a hard time sleeping last night. every time i heard a noise from aina’s room, even the faintest, i immediately check on the clock to see if it’s the time for me to pick her up for her morning feeding. i couldn’t wait to hold her and play with her again. weird. because during the day, i keep hoping that she would fall asleep, so that i can get some rest or work done.

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waah Aina udah gede ya, udah bisa tidur sendiri.. what a mature gal!

Rani | 13 January 2008 - 10:50 | reply