~ eating out ~

09 January 2008
lunch at Marchee, Vivo City

today is the second time aina had her lunch in a restaurant. yesterday, we took her to IKEA and the three of us had our lunch there before doing some furniture shopping (new cabinet to baby-proof our living room). ari and i had their meatballs, while aina had her lunch-in-a-jar. it was a chicken noodle, and she loved it. she finished the whole jar in no time.

today, we went to Marchee at Vivo City. once again, she opens her mouth big for each spoon and finishes her meal very quickly. what’s cool about Marchee is that they have the same high-chair as ours. and aina got comfortable on it real quick.

now, i’m addicted in eating out and feeding my baby in restaurants. now that aina can practically sit on any high-chair, it is very easy to take her anywhere. the only drawback is that our meals becomes quite expensive. i wish ari and i, just like aina, could also bring our food from home.

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coolness! let’s eat out together!

Rani | 11 January 2008 - 06:35 | reply

yes! let’s! by the way, when are you going to get your haircut?

thalia | 11 January 2008 - 08:16 | reply