~ client meeting with kids ~

23 November 2007
fun client meeting
babies have meetings, too!

singing: twinkle twinkle little star...
let’s sing! twinkle twinkle little star…

a few people have asked me on how do we manage to work and take care of aina at the same time without any helper… well, most of the time, ari and i take turns in watching aina, so that the other one can either work on Pericraft or do house chores.

there are times, though, where we both can work and have aina taken care of at the same time. for example, during meetings with the Sans Serif guys. they have a 2 year old toddler, anna, who always comes along whenever her mom and dad comes to talk about work. anna seems to loves babies, so during the meetings, aina is totally entertained by anna. she would sing for aina, dance for aina, offer aina drinks… and when it was our turn to have the meeting at their place, anna would offer all kinds of her toys to aina. very cute!

i’d say, this is the perfect kind of client meeting for people like us :)

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i think the business and career worlds should be like this! now, those worlds are not family friendly at all .. sigh

Rani | 27 November 2007 - 12:42 | reply