~ 4 months old ~

16 October 2007

aina is now four months old… gosh, time flies, huh? when i thought she can’t be any more smiley and cuter, she is! she has become a very friendly and loveable baby.

so, what happened in the past month?

…her neck is getting stronger. we can hold her without supporting her neck.

…bumbo! she’s loving the bumbo! she likes sitting upright with her and freely roaming everywhere, including to koda’s nose. koda likes it too, because now aina is within her reach. bumbo is one good thing for both koda and aina.

big smile

…well, she’s been very fussy at feeding. she refuses the bottles most of the time and has been drinking quite little compare to last month. maybe it’s due to teething. we need to put the teething gel more often, i guess.

…she loves going out and in company of many people. she’s actually more content when we go out than when we’re at home. i guess she’s easily bored and loves to socialize.

…she now can flip over on her belly by herself. she can only flip to her right, though, and she can’t turn to her back yet.

it's bright outside!

…so far, she doesn’t mind being dressed up. we can put hats, glasses, and all kinds of clothes (as long as it’s not too hot for the weather) on her without her complaining.

…she can sorta clap her hands together.

…she *just* started to grab her feet today. woohoo!

…she responds to her name! if i call her, “aina…”, she’ll turn around and look at me.

…she can laugh out loud. now, if she finds something funny or koda tickles her feet, she would laugh and make a chuckling sound. so cute!

…there are so many new facial expressions came up within the past month:

many faces of her 4th month

~ comment (6) ~

Aina is so cute. she has so many facial expressions…. can’t wait to see her again.

mimi | 16 October 2007 - 09:54 | reply

Wow, what a cutie! They get so big, so fast.

Meegs | 16 October 2007 - 10:39 | reply

SUPER Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont know why, i think she looks like me!!(yeah??hahahhahaa..sorry!she’s just too cute, i cant help it!!)

Jessi | 16 October 2007 - 11:12 | reply

Aina utu tetayi…

shine | 18 October 2007 - 01:51 | reply

Wah, lucu bgt your baby daughter. Anyway, congratulation 4 your new little baby, udah lama bgt ngak baca cerita kamu, maklumin sibuk dgn si kecil juga…

Naomi S | 19 October 2007 - 06:19 | reply

dduuuhhh…lucu banget sih dia. suka banget difoto yah…

pimpi | 19 October 2007 - 04:52 | reply