~ macaroni ‘n cheeese! ~

12 October 2007
mac 'n cheese

after having four month of cooking hiatus, i’ve finally done something in the kitchen other than washing milk bottles and dishes. i decided to make a mac ‘n cheese for dinner.

it’s been a while since we had baked mac ‘n cheese… i think we haven’t had any since we moved out of the States. those with crispy, brownish top and moist on the bottom. yumm.

next time, though, i’d like to have it more browned.

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Rani | 13 October 2007 - 09:00 | reply

add some bread crumbs for extra crisp. it’ll be yummers!

maomau | 24 October 2007 - 12:41 | reply

Love it, but not too much. Its this Lactose intolerant thing.

Chandra Marsono | 25 October 2007 - 04:53 | reply