~ 3 months old ~

16 September 2007

today, aina turns 3 months old. one obvious change from two months ago is that aina’s chin is doubled! she now has two chins, and the new chin is bigger than her original… so big that it covers her neck. yep, she’s definitely getting more chubby.

aina 3 months old!

other than the additional chin, there are also new things that happened in the past month:

…since her neck is getting stronger, she now sits facing forward in her carrier. she like this new arrangement better since there are more things to see.

…she doesn’t cry anymore during bath (well, most of the time, anyway). yay!

…she’s now 5.5kg and 60cm tall. so, she has outgrown most of her clothes. yikes! time to buy new clothes!

…all of her shoes fits perfectly now. this means, they will be outgrown soon. again, we need to go shopping.

aina + koda + kucing oranye

…she has realized that koda exists. she really wants to squeeze koda’s nose. koda wants to lick aina’s hands, too, so the interest is mutual.

…she has a new friend: the orange cat, her favorite stuffed animal. everytime she sees the cat, she smiles really wide and starts talking to the cat.

…we can go out for meal in Holland Village with her sitting in the carrier. she doesn’t seem to mind having bread crumbs on her head. oops.

…she usually lets us know whenever she’s about to poop. we then leave her alone to do her thing (she can’t poop if we keep playing with her). after she’s done, she usually calls for us to get her nappy changed.


…she’s trying to learn how to flip over, but so far, she hasn’t succeeded.

…she plays with her spit and make bubbles. my mother-in-law once said that once the baby starts to make spit bubbles, the mother’s hair will start to fall out. yep, my hair is now all over the place… i hope i don’t go bald.

…all she wants is to play, play and play. play with orange cat. play with yellow dog. play with purple chicken. (do you notice the pattern on the toys’ name?). play with ari. play with thalia. play with koda. even though she’s sleepy, she refuses to fall asleep. she usually ends up being cranky and needs a lot of hugging and consoling. we love the fact that’s she’s very interactive :)

~ comment (2) ~

lucu banget mukanya :).
kalau dipoto nggaya gitu ya hehehe

godote | 17 September 2007 - 03:56 | reply

hehe, emang demen liat kamera. cuma biasanya sih ga senyum gini, tapi bengong.

thalia | 17 September 2007 - 10:26 | reply