~ lost baby bird ~

02 September 2007
little birdy

i was just finished feeding aina when ari called me to see this little bird sitting on the edge of our fishbowl. it looked like the baby bird fell off his nest into our pond and couldn’t fly back up. he was a little wet, shriveled and nervous.

his mother kept calling on him. and when we went in to the house and peeked through the window, the mother circled around the fishbowl many times. poor birds… the mother can’t carry the child up, and the child can’t fly up to the nest… what are they gonna do?

i hope the little bird (or his mom) didn’t get a heart attack when koda went over and sniffed him.

ari tried to move him into the fence (where his mother usually flocks) by offering a stick to jump onto, but the little bird didn’t want to grasp on the stick. and we were too scared to touch the bird, since we don’t want to catch bird flu…

we finally gave up and left the little bird alone after he sneaked under the fence to our back neighbor.

poor little bird. i hope he makes it.

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meow … meow … :)

emon | 6 September 2007 - 03:00 | reply