~ the Departed ~

12 August 2007

ari and i finally finished watching The Departed. ah, what a milestone! it’s the first movie we finished watching after the birth of Aina. i have to admit that we started watching the movie last night around 7PM and finished the movie the next day around 5PM. in between, we have cries, feeds, sleep and house chores. wow, it was almost 24 hours!

as for the movie itself, ari and i liked it a lot (even with that many interruptions). even though it was a remake of Infernal Affairs, it fees like a totally different movie, a good one, too! i still love the original (it’s one of my favorite Hong Kong movie), but this one is so different that i don’t keep comparing the two while watching. the acting was top-notch. even though at the beginning, the characters development seemed to be hurried, things got better and better as the story goes.

one things that i like from the Infernal Affairs more than from The Departed is that after watching Infernal Affairs, i didn’t come out thinking, oh, the bad guy is blah, and the good guy is blah. there was no good-guy-bad-guy. everything is in a gray area. while, i think, The Departed is pretty black-and-white and simplified.

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hahah emang iya gitu Thal, susah mo nonton langsung kelar. udah gitu, skrg TVnya rebutan sama Disney Channel :D

yanti | 15 August 2007 - 11:19 | reply

I’ve just seen Infernal Affair.

I must be clueless about movie-making because I’m now wondering why The Departed won Oscar, and why its screenplay won an Oscar.

nekudotayim | 15 August 2007 - 11:10 | reply