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21 July 2007

passport photo

ICA photo

today, we went to take passport photo of Aina. since she’s not a citizen of Singapore, she needs an Indonesian passport to be eligible to stay here with us. we were originally kinda nervous on how we’re going to get a good picture of her, especially since she doesn’t have head-control yet. fortunately, the photo studio commissioned by the Indonesian Embassy has the “laying down position” for babies.

when we got to the studio, a friendly lady greeted us with, “ooh, another baby for Indonesian passport, yes? we just had one-month baby got her picture taken a few minutes ago”.

i guess, Saturday morning is the day where all babies go to get their picture taken.

while we’re there, we also took photo for the ICA. so, hopefully, by the time we’re processing Aina’s Singapore identity card, we don’t have to go to another studio to take picture. and just like (almost) everyone’s passport photos, Aina definitely didn’t look her best :P

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I’m behind on things obviously.

But how peculiar. I’d never heard of babies needing a passport. Well, that’s a lie. I have heard that for traveling but not to stay with their parents.

Are neither of you or Ari citizens either?

I’m sure things work differently there. Emily is a dual citizen. One part Canadian one part US. But we’re not getting her passport or papers done for the US. We won’t be moving there any time before she’s able to decide where she wants to go.

Though now that I stop and think about it, perhaps it would be easier for me to get her US citizenship. Just so should she also fall into the situation her father and I are in. Then she could go freely between both countries and not have to worry about all this red tape that we’re currently stuck in.

Either way … She’s got great pictures!! If only us adults were so lucky.

manda | 23 July 2007 - 05:08 | reply

it’s probably not much different than there. the thing is both ari and i are only permanent residents in Singapore. we’re not citizen. so, in a way, Aina is “travelling” to Singapore. that’s why we need to take care of the paperwork. if within 42 days the paperwork is not done, she’s not allowed to stay in Singapore.

i wish both Singapore and Indonesia allow dual citizenship. it’d be great to be able to choose later in life, like Emily. neither country allows it, so we have to choose between the two.

thalia | 23 July 2007 - 10:46 | reply