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06 July 2007

aina with oma

my mom went back to Jakarta this afternoon after spending a month here at our home. after the birth of Aina, she does all of the house chores and more. she cooks twice a day, does the laundry (which is a lot since we’re using nappies instead of disposable diapers) sometimes twice a day, sweeps the whole house, makes the bed, makes sure that koda’s fur — who’s currently shedding — is not piling up in the house and cuddles aina when she’s cranky, even late at night.

she taught us a few tips and tricks on taking care of the baby.

she (and ari) also had to keep up with snarky attitude from me, especially during the early days — thanks to the fluctuating hormone.

so, thank you, mom! we wouldn’t know what to do without you!

tomorrow, ari’s parents will arrive from Jakarta. tonight and tomorrow morning, it will only be the three (or four, with Koda) of us. hopefully, Aina will behave and won’t cry all night.

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Horay for SuperMom!!

Chandra Marsono | 12 July 2007 - 12:41 | reply