~ poop + pee ~

23 June 2007

this is the amount of yesterday’s dirty clothes from aina:

nappy laundry

most of them are her diapers. some are soiled clothes and blankets. we’re about halfway through our nappy stock. i guess this is what to expect when we decided to use nappies instead of diapers.

she peed often and pretty crazy with pooping. last night, she pooped three times in an hour! and one of them happened during the breastfeeding session… her sticky poo sorta exploded and went all over the place: her nappy, her blanket, her shirt and most of them landed on me, dirtying my top and bottom. and this happened with her nappy on, too! what an explosive baby!

so far, we got all the nappies for free: some are used nappies from my aunts and cousins and some are gifts from my mom. unfortunately, some of the used nappies are too small for aina (she has a thick waist!). so, i’m considering to buy more nappies.

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Pascal awalnya jg cuma pake popok aja tp karena kulitnya alergi krn basah jd kulitnya gampang sekali merah2. Lgs deh pake pampers. Boros euy :)

yoel | 24 June 2007 - 09:28 | reply

hi, congrats on your new arrival, she is just lovely. aina is so lucky to be born into such a creative family. i found your site while looking up “mosquito nets” as i have a rather useless one for my 3month old daughter, sianna. they are still getting thru, and i am hoping you can tell me how yours is working, and give a hint on how to make it.—whenever you have a moment, being a new mom, i know how it is. in exchange, i can give breastfeeding tips, and share crochet/ art / craft info.
thanks, and best wishes,
jenn (in Crete)

jenn | 25 June 2007 - 04:14 | reply

hi jenn, mine seems to work, but then again, there is not that many mosquitos in my area. so it may not have been fully tested :)

anyways, i used vitrage fabric instead of mosquito net fabric. it’s more expensive but the holes are smaller. the length of the fabric was about twice the circumference of the crib, so i can pleat/wrinkle it.

if you need a more hint and explanation, just lemme know via the contact page.

thalia | 26 June 2007 - 09:56 | reply

Anakku aku pakaikan popok kain selama 3 bulan pertama, setelah itu ganti ke pampers…
Kita ga’ pake pembantu, jadi ya gak kuat aja nyuci tiap hari.

Chandra Marsono | 26 June 2007 - 10:29 | reply

dulu deva pakai pampers kalau pas pergi keluar rumah doang :)
umur 2th udah lepas dari pampers, dan udah bisa pipis di toilet :P

godote | 26 June 2007 - 08:33 | reply

pake popok lebih bagus ketimbang pampers meski lebih ribet krn harus nyuci tiap hari, tapi disitu seninya kita punya anak. Umur setahun udah gak ngompol lagi krn kita getol ngajarin supaya si kecil pinter toileting, soalnya kita kan gak mau keterusan capenya nyuci popok, hehehe…

hanny | 27 June 2007 - 04:21 | reply