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10 June 2007

so, after the whole dilation last week, having my mom rushed back to Singapore and two false alarms, my belly is still round and full and the baby is still in there. last Friday, we had to cancel a client meeting to go to see the doctor, where she assured me that i was not in labor yet. ah, we’re so… newbies.

so, this past weekend, we tried to complete the baby’s room as much as possible. since my mom is here, and she’s excellent at sewing, she’s finishing up all the things i had to do, like sewing the waterproof mat for the crib and the mosquito net. ari was busy constructing the net’s frame. while i mostly just sat around, feeling the random contractions and pushing from the baby.

yesterday, the net’s frame is done and today the waterproof mat is done.


i like the cute yellow ducks. too bad that the mat will be covered by the sheets…

mom has made two mattress sheets and we’re still waiting for the mattress cover and about 8 more sheets that’s currently being sent from Jakarta, made by my aunt, chili.


hopefully, the mosquito net will be done today (mom is still sewing the ribbon on), and the baby crib will look like a princess bed, hee hee.

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gileee.. sampe bikin prabotan sendiri.. hebat salut salut.. trus baby crib rotan. soooo cute!

Rani | 11 June 2007 - 03:18 | reply

Although there are books on parenting, there is no better guidebook about expecting a child than experience. Being a newbie is great. Let life surprise you so that you can laugh about it when it’s over.

Chandra Marsono | 11 June 2007 - 06:15 | reply