~ birthday picnic ~

20 May 2007

bday picnic

bday picnic

to celebrate our birthdays, we (ari, koda and i) went to have a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. the last time we went there with Koda was back in February. it’s probably one of the best present for Koda, since she loves it there. it’s such a shame that we don’t go there as often as we wanted to, but most of the taxi here in Singapore refuse to take Koda so it’s very stressful and annoying to deal with the transportation.

anyways, after having a fit with a cab and one of the taxi companies, we finally got our ride and got to spend a few hours in the Gardens… unlike the previous trips, this time, we brought a picnic blanket to sit on. it was a Snoopy picnic blanket that ari used to use when he was still in elementary school. that way, i could spend most of my time either sitting or laying on the blanket, underneath the trees while ari and koda run around and play. what a nice set up.

bday picnic

the weather was quite friendly, too. it wasn’t raining and even though it was quite sunny and hot, there were soft breeze that cool us down. i think, next time, we will bring some kind of food for us to munch on and maybe a board game to play while sitting around.

after a few hours in the garden, we called another cab to get home. while waiting for the cab, three little girls came by and asked if they could touch Koda. i’m very proud to say that Koda behaved very well… the girls were rubbing her head, back and tails, pulling her ears and even touching her nose and tongue (!!) and Koda doesn’t do a thing but sitting pretty and take it all patiently… even though i feel kinda bad for Koda, it makes me feel like she may be able to handle the arrival of the baby well enough.

my latest favorite photo of koda

~ comment (10) ~

Whoa, Ari still keeps a blanket from his elementary school? Must’ve had sentimental value. I think Koda doesn’t have to worry too much anytime soon. Babies usually try to ride or pull ears when they are at least 1 years old, hahahaha. Once more: Happy birthday you two.

Chandra Marsono | 21 May 2007 - 04:00 | reply

it wasn’t ari who kept the blanket. it was his parents, and probably wasn’t exactly for sentimental value either. our parents love to keep stuff, so we end up with many vintage things to use, like my baby carriage i posted back in March. i think it’s a good thing, though. vintage stuff are too expensive to buy lately.

thalia | 22 May 2007 - 02:44 | reply

Hi Tal, happy birthday yaaahhh!! sori lupa SMS hahaha … anyway babynya juga bentar lagi due yah :) waaah senangnya!!

Nia | 21 May 2007 - 06:12 | reply

hehe, ga papa… tenkyu yaaa!

thalia | 22 May 2007 - 02:45 | reply

Duh senengnya… aku slalu iri sama SG kalo soal fasilitas ini itu :)

Shine sampe bilang i wish we can stay here waktu kita di SG heheee

yoel | 21 May 2007 - 07:42 | reply

hehe, yang gue suka dari SG itu banyak tempat2 nangkring gratis yang enak dan bersih. tpai bukannya kemaren udah dibuka Menteng Park itu? mestinya kan lumayan enak juga buat nangkring2?

thalia | 22 May 2007 - 02:46 | reply

I am pretty sure Koda will be very sweet for the baby Thal :)

chibi | 23 May 2007 - 01:14 | reply

hehe, let’s see :) she’s been very attention-demanding lately.

thalia | 23 May 2007 - 03:26 | reply

it’s really cute pic of koda, but I’m still scare of her :(

fmasudah | 24 May 2007 - 04:55 | reply

hehe, koda pasti seneng dibilangin cute. ga papa lah, pelan2, siapa tau lama2 udah ga takut lagi ;)

thalia | 28 May 2007 - 01:35 | reply