~ pixel work WIP ~

24 April 2007

it’s been a (bad) habit of mine to neglect the journal whenever i’m busy with work. so, yeah, ari and i have been busy drawing little people like above… the baby room, which we’re supposed to finish has also been neglected. all the paintings and drawings in the room will have to wait until the little people is done. hopefully we can get it done soon.

~ comment (3) ~

Wow, that’s awesome. Is this an avocadolite project or a pericraft one?

Chandra Marsono | 25 April 2007 - 01:37 | reply

yang ini punyanya pericraft… yay! di bayar! :)

thalia | 25 April 2007 - 03:33 | reply

what an awesome masterpiece. U guys r truly talented :)

wiffygal | 27 April 2007 - 11:24 | reply