~ 30-week photo ~

13 April 2007

starting this week, i’ll be going to the doctor ever three weeks, instead of four. i guess that’s what happen after you pass the third trimester mark.

30 week photo

this time, her head almost fill up the whole screen… she does grow! currently, she’s almost 1.4 kg, which means within the past three weeks, she has gained 0.4 kilos… i, on the other hand, has gained about 0.5 kilos since three weeks ago. so, almost all of the weight i gained went to the baby, which is a good thing. that’s a relief to hear, because i was kinda worried that i didn’t gain as much weight as i thought i would, and the belly didn’t seem to get any bigger either…

unfortunately, she’s still sitting upright, which is not a good delivery position… and i can still feel the her kicks on my bladder. but the doctor said not to worry, because it’s still quite early and she has plenty of time to turn around.

in this session, the girl was sleeping. she stayed put the whole time, although just like the last session, she kicked once, right on the scanning probe. it was neat to see that she was sleeping, then she turned around facing the probe, as if she was looking at it, and a second later… *thud*… a kick flew to the probe. maybe she’ll be a good soccer player later in life…

the highlight of the visit is to see her mouth moves around. it looks as if she is eating something… we did see it move during the last session, but since her head is now filled up the whole screen, her face is a lot more clear… and it just made my and ari’s day.

30 week photo

~ comment (6) ~

Haaiii Thalia banget gak mampir2…eh…ternyata… Congrats yaa. Mudah2an lancar deh *cipika cipiki*

savira | 14 April 2007 - 05:47 | reply

eh, ms. sapii! apa kabar! makasii ya… udah lama juga nih gue ga mampir2 :)

thalia | 15 April 2007 - 03:17 | reply

i just cannot wait until she arrives thalia!! this is so exciting! i’m very happy for you and ari! :D

winnie | 16 April 2007 - 02:33 | reply

aww, thanks winnie! every time we came back from the doctor after the ultrasound session, we always end up imagining how she’s going to look like… i guess, we can’t wait either :)

thalia | 16 April 2007 - 09:20 | reply

Inget banget waktu masih liat usg anak gue… gak sabaran pengen cepet gendong. You should get a 4D USG so you can get a 3D image of your child inisde. It’s cool, they even make a video tape of it for you so you can see your child in 3D, moving around in the belly.

Chandra Marsono | 18 April 2007 - 12:56 | reply

yeah, we were thinking about that 4D USG thing, but so far, we’ve decided not to… the doctor said that it’s not really necessary and more like a luxury thing to have… we may change our minds in the next few days though ;)

thalia | 19 April 2007 - 12:40 | reply