~ Phuket day 3 ~

04 April 2007
playing with water
today, we were already at the beach by 10AM. the wind is cooler than yesterday and the wave were slightly bigger, maybe because we arrived earlier. and the temperature was not as hot as yesterday either. however, there seem to be more people on the beach. my pandas went to the beach with us today, too. and i wore the skirt that i got yesterday from Patong.

the woman who took our order yesterday remembered us, and asked if we wanted the same sandwiches again. we said yes and ordered two extra coconut drink. cold ones, of course.

i thought it was neat when one of our clients called ari’s cellphone. ari was laying on his lazy chair wearing sunglasses with no shirt on, right next to an opened coconut. his feet was full of sand and you can hear the wave crashing on the background. and he was talking to this client. i somehow felt like we’re in some commercial… or a movie.

nice and coooool!

friendly dog at the restaurant

but just like yesterday, we couldn’t stay more than 2 hours. so, we left the beach and headed to the internet cafe to check emails sent by the client. we did a little work here and there and went back to the room to cool down and pack.

we took a break around 2PM and had lunch in a nearby restaurant. and this cute little dog greeted every guests in the restaurant. he looked so smiley and happy.

we’ve met so many dogs while we’re in Phuket. this dog is not a stray dog, but most of the dogs we met are. there is a black one that visit the lobby of our inn to have breakfast and afternoon nap. he (or she?) is very friendly and loves to be pet. all of these dogs are smart, too. they are very good at crossing the street and i have never seen any of them fighting.

around 5, we left for the airport. i guess i was tired, because i kept falling asleep in the car. Phuket is very hilly, so the car is almost always on the way up the mountain or on the way down. the road is quite curvy, too, with woods on both sides.

we got to the airport a little early, so the JetStar counter is not even there yet. i think Phuket airport is quite a mess. but since the people are friendly, i couldn’t really get mad at them. for example, they wrote the gate wrong on the announcement board, causing a lot of confusion on the passenger.

phuket airport

another thing is that they got my name wrong on the boarding pass. maybe it’s partly my mistake because i didn’t recheck when i left the counter. i didn’t realize the mismatch until i was already beyond the immigration booth. no one seems to realize that the name on the boarding pass and the name on the passport is completely different (the boarding pass name was Gary Arnold, while my name is Thalia Kamarga). not the immigration officer nor the girl who check the boarding pass when we enter the waiting area noticed it… i was about to board the plane when i finally saw the mistake. i feel bad to Mr. Gary Arnold. he must have a hard time in the counter, if his boarding pass was given to me. so i went to one of the officers, who were — again — very friendly. he helped me fixing the mistake and made a small chitchat about the pregnancy. he didn’t give much tips, though.

once again, the plane was quite empty. the flight home was not bad except that my sinus went haywire, causing the worst headache i’ve ever had. i felt as if all my upper teeth are pushed out of its place. the right side of my face felt bloated and sore… and it hasn’t gone away, even the day after the flight :(

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yaaa… aku mau balik ke indo for easter… :( padahal i would like catching up with you soon… listening to your phuket stories…. loe kan paling seru kalo cerita… :) beneran… kayak nonton film… hehehe! remember your NY stories???

cynthia | 6 April 2007 - 12:25 | reply

elo ga balik for good, kan? ntar aja, kalo udah nyampe sini lagi, kita bbq-an kek, or something :)

thalia | 6 April 2007 - 12:50 | reply

enggak laah… Mandarin gue belom selesai… be back around 16th… so we can meet pas weekend nya? asiiikkk…. denger cerita loe kayaknya seru…

cynthia | 7 April 2007 - 11:10 | reply

hayuk hayuk, 2 minggu lagi yaaaa :)

thalia | 7 April 2007 - 12:54 | reply

seru sekali!!! btw anjingnya kaya Koda… sangat pat-able :P

chibi | 10 April 2007 - 08:51 | reply

iya, semua anjing disana sangat pat-able. sebenernya foto2 anjingnya lebih banyak, cuma ada di komputer gue yang tewas itu…

thalia | 10 April 2007 - 10:52 | reply