~ 28th week ~

28 March 2007
28th week

yep, one of those sequence photo again. what i found interesting is that even though in the picture, the belly doesn’t seem to grow as much compare to the 24th week, if you see it in real life, it does look much bigger. ari thinks it is rounder and fuller. so, we conclude that it doesn’t expand forward as much as it expands sideways.

so, on this first week of the last trimester, the belly/baby growth feels very obvious to me, it’s quite overwhelming. not only it gets bigger, it also feels much heavier. turning while sleeping is a drag because the belly is so heavy! and i get more clumsy, too… i keep bumping my belly to walls and all… i guess i’m not used to having something protruding this far from my body.

the baby movement is also getting stronger and, honestly, quite violent. those movements are varied, too… the old-painless kicks and punches are still there, but this time, they have more power and can actually send paper or something light flies off my belly. sometimes, she punches my bladder, too, which cause a little pain (and huge urge to go to the bathroom).

then, there is this painful and uncomfortable twists and pulls. i have no idea what’s she’s doing in there to cause the pain, but it feels like she’s ripping my internal organs out.

there is also a part where it feels like she’s walking on the belly wall from side to side. it’s a tickling movement starting from left side of the waist going to the right side of the waist or the other way around. i love this one!

she moves soooo much and very often, which i think is a good thing. the bad thing about it is that i’ve been having sleeping difficulty since her painful moves usually comes out during my bed time. her movement often wakes me up in the middle of the night.

other than that, everything looks okay. the baby growth is on schedule. my weight gain is on track. and starting last week, the doctor appointment will be scheduled every 3 week instead of every 4 week. so, we get to see the baby more often, yay!

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I’m very happy i was able to feel the baby when she was walking on your belly wall from side to side when i was there last week. So cute…. I think she was running that time coz it felt really fast.

Please send my love to Koda :)

noushka | 28 March 2007 - 05:38 | reply

koda says hi :)

ever since last week, Koda has been scared of rain. she gets jittery and all, and the rain didn’t even have lightning and thunder. ari said that she might’ve heard your story about ryu and choco and how they’re scared of thunder, and decided to adopt it. ;)

thalia | 30 March 2007 - 07:11 | reply

After your 20th week picture, the next has been labeled 12 weeks also. heh with another 12 weeks ontop of it. Neither look alike. Oh baby brain!

Baby bellies can be annoying it’s true. Not so much annoying so much as they’re difficult to get used to and manuvere with. As you know. But boy, when it’s gone, you miss it. Or I did/do. Plus, it’s totally easier having a baby on the inside (if there’s no complications for you or baby) than on the outside for a while. At least when they’re in you can get some kind of sleep. Even if it isn’t good.

Though I shouldn’t complain. Babies on the outside are amazing things.

I’m excited to read from someone on list who also has a newborn!

manda | 29 March 2007 - 02:58 | reply

oops, ha ha, my bad. i gotta fix that.

yeah, everyone keeps saying things about unable to sleep once the baby is outside and how i should sleep as much as i can… while i can. yikes!

thalia | 30 March 2007 - 07:14 | reply