~ new computer pt. 2 ~

28 February 2007
new computer + monitor

after a few days of setting up and moving data, i finally can claim that i now have a new computer… yes, a new computer! yay! my laptop, who’s about 3.5 years old and have served me well, can now rest and do light work.

so, i bought a new XP cd on Monday at a computer store near our house and tried to install it. for some reasons, it didn’t work… so i had to wait for Oscar to get off work and come by our house later that evening. poor him to have to go back to our house three days in a row, even after his first day of work (prior to Monday, he’s been on two weeks holiday). i was so anxious that whole day, since i hate not being able to do anything but wait. so, instead, i knit like a nut…. :P

new computer
can you see me on the button?

after Oscar fixed the computer and explained to me what went wrong, he started to populate the new — and working — computer with softwares and stuff. install this… download that… it took us a while to get all the softwares ready to use. he left our home around 11PM and i still had to move the data from the laptop.

the data moving procedure takes practically the whole day Tuesday… i didn’t know i had so much junk in there!

so, today, i’m happy to announce that i’m now 100% on the new desktop. it’s much, MUCH faster than the laptop. i can open soooo many different applications and they all still run fast. i can print documents instantly. and i have two large monitor to work with, giving me this wide space to fill with many opened applications… heh heh.

the work desk has also been rearranged and redecorated to accommodate the new setup. since i still work with 2 monitors, the CRT is still in use. the printer has moved out of my desk, which makes my desk feel bigger.

now, i just have to rearrange and redraw the pixel drawing of our house to reflect the change on my desk :)

~ comment (4) ~

congrats for your new computer :).
aku suka cashing nya.. keren bok ,, hehehe

godote | 1 March 2007 - 05:06 | reply

iya, casingnya lucu, kayak radio dan agak retro gitu. sayangnya begitu dinyalain, ternyata agak cheesy… dibalik bunderan item yang bentuknya kayak speaker itu ternyata fan yang ada lampu birunya… kenapa ya casing2 sekarang demen banget pake lampu2 warna biru… jadi norak :P

thalia | 2 March 2007 - 02:32 | reply

wah selamat yaaa! hebat bisa ngerakit sendiri.. lebih murah ya jatohnya, dibanding dengan beli dell misalnya?

Rani | 1 March 2007 - 07:39 | reply

hehe, yang ngerakit bukan gue, tapi sepupunya ari — si oscar. kalo gue sih mana bisa ngerakit ginian.

katanya sih kalo Dell, bisa dapet lumayan murah. tpai mungkin enaknya, bisa pilih2 dan customize barang2nya, jadi isinya lebih efisien.

lumayan lah: desktop + keyboard + flat screen yang lumayan decent = jatuh2nya kira2 SGD 1600.

thalia | 2 March 2007 - 02:34 | reply